Friday, October 3, 2008

Being a teacher part 1

Myself along with Lauren Currie are on a teaching adventure which has officially begun as of today.

First year product and media design students will be given the following brief:

"The Design Journal is producing a Junior Design Journal supplement to be published with this winters edition of the journal.  The theme is Design learning and Culture.  The Guardian newspaper is going to publish the best of the articles and has asked that you submit your article in a G2 layout and format."

So in other words, our job is deliver this brief to the students and then be the awe inspiring tutors which will bring each individual out of their high school thinking shells, and see design in a new light.

Looking back to when I was in my first year, this task (which was structured slightly differently) opened up my eyes to the world of design as being a multi-disciplined creative endeavor, underpinning every form of creation from objects such as chairs and mp3 players to the way we plan and execute our lives.

The first meeting to discuss the teaching plan happened today in the bedroom/studio of Lauren.

The reason for this meeting was to brainstorm ideas of how we can deliver our lessons, what tasks we can make the students do and, most importantly, how we can make these tasks exciting.

We realize that writing isn't what students in their first few weeks of design school want to be doing, so the challenge for us will be to make them appreciate how valuable research and writing will be for them as designers, and to also make it fun.

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Qin said...

ha ha~ welcome to the world of student teacher! You will find your students fascinating~ as I found in all you guys this year ;-)

Have fun !!!