Tuesday, October 21, 2008

being a teacher part 3

Yesterday afternoon myself, Lauren and Dr Louise Valentine introduced the first year design studies class to their new brief; the G2 project.

Lauren and I introduced the brief, Louise gave an overview of the assessment format and then we started the workshop: What is a designer?

At this stage, the inevitable happened! When posed this question to the class, there was a sea of silence. But not for too long!

One student raised his hand: "Designers find connections between people. We are visual communicators."

What a wonderful answer!

After a quick brainstorm to get them started, the students were then split into teams of around 6 or 7 and told to brainstorm further, where I was then again astonished by another students answer: "[designers are] people who care."

The session ran very smoothly. The aim was to make students have a stronger understanding of what a designer is, but during the workshop, it was clear that they were developing their own unique and formal opinions. I believe the students went home with a stronger understanding of what a designer is, with a heightened awareness into their social responsibilities and most importantly, a distinct understanding of that the assignment is about.

Tomorrow afternoon, Lauren will be running a book club for all Art and Design students at the University. I would be thrilled if one or more of our students go.

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