Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting around London in 2 hours, 26 mins

It's hard to visit a city when you only have a single day to do the things you want to do, particularly in London. Yet I return home from our capital content with my trip, having seen more than what I thought I would.

I'll be honest, although I know my way around the city reasonably well, I did find myself lost on a few occasions. And as I was the event organizer for this trip, this could have been a potential embarrassment had it not been for my map.

Before you envision me leading a group of postgraduate design students through Hyde Park and Piccadilly Circus, arms spread wide apart in order to hold the massive AA map of London, I should turn your attention to what I call my "everything."

My "everything" is small, inexpensive and does, well, pretty much everything I need it to do.

Some people like to call it the iPhone.

Within a few hours of being in London and with a group of students following my lead, I found myself confused in an unfamiliar area of  between 2 tube stations and I had completely lost my bearings. So out came my "iPhone" with it's Maps application. Which is genius! It located me to the nearest 5 meters or so and then directed me to Liverpool Street tube station, a mere 5 minute walk away.

Another application for the iPhone which is free in iTunes is called Tube Status, which basically tells you if there are any delays or closures on all the London tube lines, updating you every few minutes.

My adventure in London:

The fact that I had to zoom out so much that the above map is almost unrecognizable puts emphasis on how far I managed to travel in a single day in London.  

Google Maps on my iPhone tells me that my total traveling time was "34.0 mi" which is "...– about 2 hours 24 mins."

You're probably thinking this is an inaccurate estimate, and you'd be right.

It took 2 hours 26 minutes.


Steph said...

ha ha ha. Poor you.

by the way. I love the name of your blog. "." it reflect your project really well, the idea of just one moment of touch, dot.

Gio said...

hi steph,

glad you noticed the dot! I was hoping someone would see it eventually!