Friday, December 19, 2008

stick figures with body language

I found a website which is series of Stick-figure comic strips featuring humour about technology, science, mathematics and relationships. Not the most common of themes you would associate with humor.

I am interested in the actual stick figures themselves. The illustrator(s) give a wonderful insight into the personalities, moods and emotions of the stick men by the way in which they are drawn.

I love this cartoon. Besides the dialogue between the 2 characters being so randomly funny, it's the characters that make me laugh the most, just by how they are drawn. 

It makes me think about visualization, and in particular storyboards, in the design process. A picture can tell a thousand words, so they say, but in this case, a stick man can do exactly the same!

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Steph said...

Aw a lot of us got criticized for using stickmen to communicate ideas. Many complained that they couldn't draw stickmen.

So over the holidays I'm planning on doodling a few people in a kinda simpilist form.

I really like lauren's doodlings of people though!

Gio said...

It depends at what stage you use stick men in your visualizations. As I mentioned, they can be great at communicating ideas quickly, but I wouldn't recommend using them in a final presentational storyboard!
For those who criticized you for using stick men, I have some images somewhere that prove they can be used to great effect. I'll find them and then post them up so you can prove your doubters wrong! haha