Saturday, January 3, 2009

unique perception

Notes to self:

storyboards be produced using images alone; without the use of written language?

Roland Barthes in his essay "Rhetoric of the Image" (cir. 1964) argues that the meaning of an image is always related to and dependent on verbal text. He believes that images alone are "polysemous." In other words, too open for interpretation.

Does written language always have to rescue an image?

The definition of 'comics' suggests that written language is not necessary to accompany an image or sequence of images. (For sure, a comic and a storyboard are not the same form of visual communication, however they do have their similarities).

A visualization can be interpreted in different ways depending on the opinion/stand-point of the viewer. 'Similar Diversity' (below) is a wonderful example of this.

But isn't that the beauty of visual arts? Our eyes see the same things our minds interpret things differently. 

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