Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still Frames

It's been a (quick) month since my last post. I think I'm getting lazy.

Having spoken to my study advisor, Dr Shaleph O'Neil, on Monday, I remembered a short film I made last year. 

I took a series of photos (one every 5 minutes or so) from the exact same position when we were building our stand at New Designers 08 in London. 

An interesting way to approach visual communication of a process. Still framing could be used to communicate interaction design concepts? No fancy/expensive equipment needed; cheap tripod, digital stills camera. No script or thorough planning required.


Steph said...

Uh wow I really enjoyed that. I will keep that method in mind. Hopefully I will use it at some point.

What Kat Did said...

Aw Gio, makes me nostalgic. Amazing to see you boys hard at work and the transformation.

Francesco said...
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Gio said...

Kat: Twas a good time in London. Glad you were there with us to experience the fun... albeit you were on your own wee adventure!!! xxx

Steph: I love this method because it takes very little planning and all you need equipment wise is a camera and a tripod (very cheap on ebay!!!) It's a really effective way to communicate lots of footage into 30 seconds.

Qin said...

woooo... you missed one thing very important: good music to go with the story ;-)

Gio said...

:( I love Bob Dylan!!!!! haha